Sunday, April 29, 2012

Congratulations, CUE!

Congratulations, Staccato CUE! The choir competed in the Jalisco Canta International Vocal Ensemble Competition this weekend and won third place!

Though I did not participate with them (I had decided not to go due to school work and schedule at this point in the semester, which turned out to be a good decision since I've been sick for the past two weeks), I am very proud of my choirmates and all their hard work!

Choir: Magnificat

The choir singing Magnificat by Arvo Pärt at the concert in the Sala Carlos Chávez

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Choir: Knee Play 1

The choir performing Knee Play 1, part of Philip Glass' opera Einstein on the Beach during the concert in the Sala Carlos Chávez. Just as the knee connects the upper and lower parts of the leg, the Knee Plays connect the different acts of the (five hour long!) opera. The poem was written by Christopher Knowles.

(Note- There are some interruptions in the video from taking photos simultaneously)

Choir: La señal

The choir singing Del corazón del hombre, from La señal by Guillermo Alvarez Navarro during the concert at the Sala Carlos Chávez 

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Home-made chilaquiles. Yum.

(Though not by me. That'll be the next step)

Choir concert at the Sala Carlos Chávez

Saturday the choir performed at the Sala Carlos Chávez in the Cultural Center of the UNAM.

The program included:

Salve Regina - Lars Jansson
Magnificat - Arvo Part
Benedictio - Urmas Sisak
Water Night - Eric Whitacre
Del corazón del hombre, from La señal - Guillermo Álvarez Navarro
Knee play 1, from Einstein on the Beach - Philip Glass
Steal Away -  American Spiritual, arranged by Joseph Jennings
Chili con carne - Anders Edenroth
Song of the Plains - Karl Jenkins
In caelum fero - Karl Jenkins
Cielito lindo - Quirino Mendoza, arranged by Jorge Córdoba Valencia
Verano porteño - Astor Piazzolla, arranged by Oscar Escalada
Adiós Nonino - Astor Piazzolla, arranged by Horacio Corral
Libertango - Astor Piazolla, arranged by Oscar Escalada

and as an encore

Eleanor Rigby - John Lennon and Paul McCartney, arranged by Paul Hart

reading a poem during Knee Play 1

(All photos taken by Edson. Thanks!!)