Saturday, June 23, 2012

The coolest pancakes ever

I had the coolest pancakes the other day, thanks to Hotcakes Artísticos in the Coyoacán market (behind the church and plaza). It's hidden away in the back in an unassuming stall. For 35 pesos (about $2.50), you can choose one of the many images lining the walls (or others not displayed) as the inspiration of your pancake. I opted for Tinkerbell. While I was there I also saw pancakes made resembling Homer Simpson, an Angry Bird, Cookie Monster, a witch and Justin Beiber. Very impressive! 

my Tinkerbell pancake 

an Angry Bird and Tinkerbell

a witch

Cookie Monster

Finishing up Justin Beiber 

Justin Beiber
The making of the Angry Bird pancake: 


  1. Ohhhh I see!

    I'm apparently reading your blog backward.

    Korea would go nuts over this idea.

    Additionally, should my students ever see this video, they would yell "An-ga-lee Bar-duh Ca-kuh!" until I made it for them... Please don't leak it to them. ;)

  2. That is so cool! I'm going nov 1-4 for dia de Los muertos ...will have to see if I can find this place!! Snoopy maybe??!!