Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tour of the southeast: Campeche, Campeche

I knew basically nothing about Campeche (city that shares the name of the state) before arriving, but I absolutely loved it! It must be something about colorful cities, since it reminded me of the (hot and humid) version of San Cristobal de las Casas (in Chiapas) or Guanajuato (capital of the state of Guanajuato).

We were in Campeche for two days (though 2 different hotels, so we still kept on the move)

wall in Campeche constructed to protect against pirates 

Casa 6

a rainy afternoon

Sculptures by José Luis Cuevas were on display on a pedestrian street.

CUEs at breakfast on our second day in Campeche. 

I took the trolley tour of the city.

San Francisco de Asis Temple and Convent, constructed on the site where
the first mass was given on the continent in 1517

"la novia del mar" 

Elon colors :) 

Juan de la Cabada theater, where we sang

before the concert

*Diego's photo

*Diego's photo

*Diego's photo

Diego's photo

*Diego's photo

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