Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tour of the southeast: Champotón, Campeche

Day 3: Champotón, Campeche 

in the van on the way to Champotón

view from the van on the way to Champotón
We made a pit stop at the beach to enjoy the beautiful scenery.

From there we visited a turtle hatchery. They talked about how they collect the turtle eggs (which are vulnerable both from animals and people looking to eat this - ilegal - delicacy) and rebury them in a protected area. Each nest is marked with date it was buried (to estimate when they will hatch) and how many eggs it contains.

Sign on the right says "Consuming turtle meat can send you to jail"

turtle egg

turtle egg
*Araceli's photo

And from there we continued to Champotón. We explored a bit before our concert that night in the theater. 

downtown Champotón

*Antonio's photo
Municipal building in Champotón

theater in Champotón where we sang

*Homar's photo

The next morning we had breakfast (with a view!) before continuing on to Campeche.

*Diego's photo
*Araceli's photo

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