Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tour of the southeast: Sabancuy, Campeche

The second day of the tour we went to Sabancuy, Campeche to sing at the high school Escuela Preparatoria Manuel J. García Pinto, which is part of the Universidad Autónoma del Carmen

On campus, sporting the new shirts they gave us
*Majo's photo

pretty flowers on campus 

dinner afterward (salbutes?)
Afterward we had dinner and then went to a place that helps protect sea turtles. Turtle eggs and baby turtles are very vulnerable to natural predators as well as humans looking to eat turtle eggs -- a delicacy. This group of volunteers scouts the beaches every night during turtle season on the lookout for turtle nests. They also have one turtle on site that is in rehabilitation for its missing leg/flipper and will eventually be released into the wild again. 

Turtle that's in rehabilitation and will later be released again to
the wild

*Araceli's photo

with the turtle
*Majo's photo
The group with our guide
*Diego's photo

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