Tuesday, August 21, 2012

US 1, Mexico 0

Last week the US and Mexico faced off in fútbol (soccer) for the Men's National Team Friendly in Mexico's Estadio Azteca. While U.S. Soccer's history at the Azteca was a dismal 0 wins, 23 losses and 1 tie, the US beat Mexico 1-0 for a historic win. 

Though I can't speak for the atmosphere in the stadium, it was in fact friendly with the group I watched with, even as the lone American in the group. Crab chips were added to the mix of game time snacks and I enjoyed my Mexican beer out of an Orioles frosty mug (Baltimore pride!), which didn't hurt either. Maybe the extra US (Baltimore) spirit helped, no? 

And just a note for those of you that, like me, weren't previously aware, the Olympic team and National team are not one in the same. (Didn't Mexico just win gold in soccer? Yes. Was it the same team? No.) The Olympic soccer team is under-23, with only 3 players over the age limit allowed on the list of players for the finals competition.

Bésame mucho

Did you see today's Google Doodle? It's in honor of the late Consuelo Velázquez's birthday.
Google Doodle 8/21/12

The Mexican concert pianist, recording artist and songwriter Consuelo Velázquez is most famous for writing "Bésame Mucho,"  which has been translated, performed and recorded around the world.

I'll leave you with with a video of UNAM's Staccato, Coro Universitario Estudiantil (before I joined) singing "Bésame mucho," arranged by José Galván and directed by Marco Ugalde.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Play ball!

The problem with going to a baseball game during the rainy season is that, well, there's a good chance it might rain. My first weekend back in the DF I went to a Diablos Rojos game at their home stadium, Foro Sol (which also serves as a concert venue). I arrived to a rain delay and found a seat shielded from the rain to wait it out. Unfortunately, the game was called off. At least I can say I've been to the stadium?

a rainy day at the Diablos Rojos' stadium, Foro Sol
It was interesting, however, to observe the food being sold. You could buy pizza, sandwiches, peanuts (covered in chile of course -- I couldn't tell from afar if they had non-chile options), donuts, Maruchan Instant Soup, tacos and esquites (corn with lime, chile, mayonaise and cheese), among other things.

selling donuts

Maruchan Instant Soup

Since the game was rained out, all ticket holders were invited back the next day for a double header. Unfortunately, I couldn't go. So... at least I can say I've been to the stadium? 

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Choir update

The choir has been busy already! We had two concerts before the semester even started, one at a Literature and Language Teachers' Conference and another at a church way out in Coacalco in the State of Mexico. 

before our concert in Coacalco 
The choir has also been looking for a voice teacher to focus on technique both with the group and individually, so we've had multiple voice classes over the last couple weeks as the candidates audition.

Back to school!

This is the second week of school. (But wait, didn't you say you finished your classes?) Yes, I finished my class requirements, but I'm auditing a class this semester that is basically a thesis seminar focusing on the anthropologist's role in ethnographic writing (aka - writing my thesis). It's slow going, but I'm chugging along!

Monday, August 13, 2012

A little night music

Someone is playing bagpipes in the park outside my house. Somehow that wasn't the music I was expecting to hear in Mexico City tonight.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mexico wins gold!

Mexico won gold in men's soccer today, beating Brazil 2-1 and earning the country's first Olympic Soccer Medal!

Lot's of people headed out to the Angel of Independence along Paseo de La Reforma, the go-to spot for both celebrations and protests, to celebrate the victory. Here's a view from around 12:30 pm, thanks to www.webcamsdemexico.com :

source: http://www.webcamsdemexico.com/webcam-mexico-reforma-angel.html