Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bésame mucho

Did you see today's Google Doodle? It's in honor of the late Consuelo Velázquez's birthday.
Google Doodle 8/21/12

The Mexican concert pianist, recording artist and songwriter Consuelo Velázquez is most famous for writing "Bésame Mucho,"  which has been translated, performed and recorded around the world.

I'll leave you with with a video of UNAM's Staccato, Coro Universitario Estudiantil (before I joined) singing "Bésame mucho," arranged by José Galván and directed by Marco Ugalde.

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  1. Hey,
    My name is johanna and I'm from germany. Today, I found you blog-post including the video of a very nice arrangement of 'bésame mucho' by José Galvan. This is one of two videos I found with a choir in it, who performs this arrangement.I tried to find the partiture for this arr. but I couldn't find it! I read that you are a member of the performing choir and I would like to ask you, if you could help me to get the partiture for this arr. ??? It would be really nice! Best wishes, Johanna