Friday, September 28, 2012

Revisiting Guadalajara

This week I was in Guadalajara for the International Association of Inter-American Studies' Conference "Crossing Boundaries in the Americas: Dynamics of Change in Politics, Culture and Media." The conference went well. I heard some interesting presentations, met some people and felt like my presentation on Thursday went well.

I was in Guadalajara two years ago as part of the México de Mil Colores trip I took during the Bicentennial. (You can read about that visit here.) I liked the city more this time around. I think I had gone with such high expectations on my first visit that I was a bit disappointed. This time I knew more or less what to expect and I enjoyed it more.

I realized I've definitely gotten used to the cooler temperatures in Mexico City. It felt quite warm to me at times (or at least stuffy when there wasn't air circulating), though a fellow conference attender/presenter from Houston said it felt quite mild to her. It all depends on perspective.

I stayed at the Hotel Rotonda. I'd recommend it for people staying in Guadalajara. It's right in the Historic Downtown and the staff were friendly and helpful (though no AC!).

On Thursday I took some time to wander a bit and snap a few photos.

I had a torta ahogada for lunch, one of the local classics 

I visited the market as well, but didn't take any photos since, even though it was quite large, it seemed "like just a normal Mexican market." Thinking about it later, while it's something that's "normal" to me now, I'm not sure if I've ever taken photos or shared here. But that'll have to be for another day.

I flew back to the DF Thursday night. I loved the late afternoon view from the airport.

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