Tuesday, October 16, 2012


In Mexico City drinking bottled water is pretty much a given. I generally buy 10 liter jugs (because it's cheaper and lasts longer) from the convenience store on the corner (because it's not too far to carry). They sell larger containers door-to-door but I don't really want to hope I'm home when they ring the bell and I'm in need of water and honestly I've just never done it.

I'd never really gotten (or noticed?) a reaction for buying/carrying the 10 liter container until last time when the cashier seemed pretty impressed by my "strength" (honestly, have you seen my upper body strength? It's lacking) and said something along the lines of "wow." I'll ignore the potential macho implication that it's impressive and/or noteworthy that a woman is able to lift and carry a 10 liter container of water (lets just think about moms carrying their kids for a minute) and I'll just take it as a compliment.

Today the cashier let out a kind of chuckle (snicker? scoff?) when I hoisted the water onto the counter. Thanks, bud. If it's between the two reactions, I'd rather pretend like I'm strong.

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