Monday, November 5, 2012

Megaofrenda at the UNAM

Since 1997, the UNAM has celebrated Día de Muertos with a Day of the Dead Festival. This year's megaofrenda was in honor of the Indians/ Indigenous people of Mexico and Fernando Benítez, a journalist, short story and essay writer, diplomat, anthropologist and a former UNAM Political and Social Sciences Professor, perhaps most famous for his book Los Indios de México (Indians of Mexico). This year's Day of the Dead Festival included 101 altars and 234 performances and artistic activities.

(Interested in seeing the Megaofrenda from 2010 or 2011? Click here for 2010 or here for 2011).

Here's some photos of what I saw. As always, I love all the colors!

My favorite. Go Pumas!! 

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