Saturday, November 17, 2012


Three guy friends came and helped me move today (including two flights of stairs  in both apartments and switching a very heavy desk between rooms), so I'm almost all moved in to my new apartment. (Thanks, guys!!) This does not, however, mean that I'm unpacked or settled in yet - that's the next step. 

Here's a photo of the living room from the day I visited. I'll take more photos to share once it's not filled with boxes and suitcases. 

The owner of my old apartment (the one that kicked us out; sent rude, irracional emails; etc) has informed me that she'll be moving into my roommate's now vacant room and we'll be roommates until I turn in my keys at the end of the month. With that knowledge, I'm even more grateful for help moving today. As much as I liked my old apartment, I'm ready to be done with the (unnecessary, ridiculous) drama and get out! 

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