Friday, November 30, 2012

Out with the old, in with the new...apartment

I've officially moved out of my old apartment! I'd been between the old and new apartments since the 15th, when I got the keys to the new place, and pretty much living in the new place since early last week. Today I turned in my keys to the old apartment and got my deposit back (with surprisingly only a limited number of snide remarks from the owner). The drama and stress with the crazy irracional, unrealistic and generally unpleasant landlady are officially over!

Since I'm officially moved out of my old place, I guess that makes me officially moved in to my new place. I'm much more settled in now -- enough to move a box or two out of sight of the camera share some photos. So here's the tour:

My room: 

Look! You can see the floor! (This was not the case until recently...) 



Living room:
Now with my little Christmas tree! 

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