Monday, November 5, 2012

Weekend in Veracruz

Two weekends ago I took a quick trip to Veracruz with Edson to watch his brother play soccer. We got in Friday night. The hotel had an awesome view of the zócalo (downtown).

view of the Zócalo and the Cathedral from the hotel

view from the hotel of people dining and enjoying
the music at the restaurants in the Zócalo

We listened to the salsa band performing in the street for a bit before grabbing some tacos for dinner and heading out to dance at El Cibao.

Salsa music in the street

salsa music in the street

Salsa at El Cibao

The next morning we had breakfast at Veracruz's famous El Gran Café de la Parroquia.

clinking my glass for them to serve me warm
milk with my coffee

my café con leche

a gordita (left) and empanada (right) 

There was a duo playing music and a woman dancing, all traditional Veracruz style.

After breakfast Edson showed me some sights.

monument dedicated to Spanish immigrants 

San Juan de Ulúa Fort

Where Edson went to college 

That afternoon we went to his brother's soccer game. He's currently playing for Veracruz's 2nd Division Tiburones (Sharks) team.

his brother is #50 in red 
That evening we visited a bit with his family, grabbed dinner and then took the bus back to the DF. 

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