Saturday, December 22, 2012

Cor-atl México

On Tuesday December 11th the choir performed for the release of Jorge Cózatl's Cor-atl México, a 5-disk collection which documents choral music in Mexico, including 34 children's choirs, university choirs, chamber choirs, and vocal ensembles. 

The event was held at the National Museum of Art and the guests included the choral directors from around the country that had participated in the project. The renowned directors Jorge Medina Leal, Óscar Escalada and Josep Prats were present and shared their comments and congratulations on the collection. Four groups were invited to perform: Schola Cantorum de México, directed by Alfredo Mendoza; Staccato, Coro Universitario Estudiantil, directed by Marco Ugalde; Túumben Paax, directed by Jorge Córdoba Valencia; and Coros Altus, directed by Noel Josafat García Melo. 

outside of the National Museum of Art
"Legend of the Volcanoes" 

The National Museum of Art

Where the ceremony was held

our choir rehearsing

our choir rehearsing

Here's the audiovisual presentation that was shown that night, recognizing many of the groups of people involved in the Cor-atl project. 

our choir performing


The directores of the 4 choirs that performed: Jorge Córdoba Valencia,
Marco Ugalde, Noel Josafat García Melo and Alfredo Mendoza

The directors that participated in Cor-atl

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