Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Holiday traditions in Maltrata: the Nativity Scene

The family set up their Nativity scene a few days before Christmas. 

Both muzgo (moss) and pascle (Spanish moss) are typically used in creating the scene. People used to go and get their own from the forest, but now it’s more common to buy it in the center of town and in the market from others who have gone out to collect it. 

The stable was made out of a cardboard box and covered with Spanish moss. Figures of Mary and Joseph were placed in the stable, though baby Jesus wasn't added until Christmas. There was a ladder leaned up against the table, covered with the muzgo and pascle to make it look like a steep hill. On the group there was a dirt path with the three Wise men arriving on an elephant, a camel and a horse. There were lots of ceramic animals throughout the scene, as well as some plants and cacti.

the Nativity Scene in the house where I stayed

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