Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Holiday traditions in Maltrata: Posadas

Posadas are typical Christmas celebrations held between Dec 16th and 24th. A group walks through the streets until they reach a house where they will pedir posada, or ask for lodging, representing Mary and Joseph looking for a place to stay the night. They sing the posada song, which is call and response style between the people in the street and the people in the house. If there are multiple stops, the people in the house might join the procession after “turning the group away.” At the final stop they will all be welcomed in and that’s when the party begins.

I didn’t attend a posada in Maltrata, but I did pass one in the street. There was a girl playing María (Mary) riding on a donkey, a boy dressed as José (Joseph) and another child dressed as an angel. Someone was carrying a star – a wooden frame with a candle inside – on a pole. 

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