Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Holiday traditions in Maltrata: La Rama

La rama is a branch of an evergreen tree, which kids decorate by painting, adding balloons and tinsel, and a picture of the Virgin Mary. (Hey mom – remember that time I brought the Christmas tree branch home and decorated it as my tree??)

Starting the evening of December 16th kids go around town stopping at houses and stores to sing La rama song in hopes of receiving money or candy, kind of like a combination of Halloween and Christmas. All the kids sing the same thing, a medley of songs, which begins asking permission to sing and ends with one of two variations, depending on whether or not they received money/candy. Kids can go out with their rama from December 16 through December 23, with some visiting the same places multiple nights.

I accompanied some of the kiddos out one night with their ramas

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