Monday, December 3, 2012

Mexico's President sworn in amid violent protests

Enrique Peña Nieto began his term as Mexico's President on Saturday December 1st, a day filled with protests and violence. I've read reports and seen photos and videos both from official news sources and being shared through Facebook and other social media. Some focus on the violence and vandalism by the protesters, while others highlight the violence against the protesters by the police. 

According to the Associated Press:
"At least 76 people were treated for injuries, including 29 who hospitalized, as the result of clashes between protesters and tear-gas firing police, the Red Cross said. City officials said 103 people were detained, including 11 minors.
Vandals smashed windows of stores, banks and a hotel and made bonfires of furniture dragged into the streets. One downtown bank office where all the windows were broken had the words "Welcome Peña" painted across the facade in green."

Sixty nine people have been charged with disturbing the peace - charges that carry penalties ranging from five to thirty years in prison. 

The Huffington Post has a short article (in English) with photos and videos:
Mexico Protests: Videos Of Alleged Police Violence Go Viral (VIDEOS) (SLIDESHOW)

Here is a link to a video on La Jornada's website (one of Mexico's newspapers), focusing on police violence, including the police firing rifles with rubber bullets and launching tear gas. 

And here is a video from The Washington Post's website, focusing on violence and vandalism by the protestors.

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