Monday, January 16, 2012

Celebrating my birthday in Maltrata, Veracruz

Yesterday I celebrated my 25th birthday (a quarter of a century, where did the time go??). I'm still in Maltrata, so I've now added my birthday to the list of days I've celebrated here (Christmas, New Years, Three Kings Day). 

On Saturday we went out to eat at a restarant in Puente de Guadalupe, maybe 30 or 45 minutes outside of Maltrata. There's a strech of road that lined with restaraunts. We went to one that's apparently the best known, though I´m not sure if just for it's food or if it was also one of the first. It's a rustic style restaurant (which seems fitting for the area, surrounded by mountains). We orderd a consomé de borrego, mole de panza, barbacoa, tlacoyos, empanadas, mixiote, and memelas to share -- most came in huge portions! We also had piña coladas, served in the pineapple!

A man came by selling toritos (a cream liqueur made with an alcohol made from sugar cane) and gave samples. They told him I'm not from here and that it was almost my birthday, so he had me try all the flavors!

Later a trio came by and serenaded me with Las Mañanitas (the typical birthday song here in Mexico) and another song called Despertar (which is apparently a typical song when someone is serenaded).

with my piña colada

the one on the right they call the bandera or flag since it is red, white and green

Sunday was my actual birthday. I enjoyed chocolate (like hot chocolate) with my breakfast, with I'm told is a tradition for birthdays.

I got online for a bit and enjoyed being able to Skype back home. 

Various family members (of where I´m staying) came over for lunch (about 20 people in total). They know I like avocados so they surpised me with avocados stuffed with tuna, as well as chicken and rice. They gave me roses, a beautiful flower arrangement, photos from my last visit, a box of chocolates, a scarf, a Jello Mold and a cake.

They sang Las mañanitas when they brought out the cake. It's a tradition in Mexico to take a mordida or bite out of the cake. I didn't want to because its also a tradition to then push the person´s face into the cake. One of the family members said she would protect me so I went to take a bite and of course ended up with my face in the cake!!

avocados filled with tuna and my roses

Jello Mold, flower arrangement and roses

after the mordida

I was flattered and surprised and enjoyed my birthday celebration with my adopted Maltrata family.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Happy Holidays from Maltrata, Veracruz!

Happy holidays (a bit belated) from Maltrata, Veracruz! I´ve been here since December 14th for the fieldwork for my thesis. While this means I missed being with my family over the holidays (it was the first year I´d missed Christmas at home!), I´ve enjoyed seeing, learning about and participating in the many holiday traditions here.

Stay tuned for updates on La rama, making buñuelos, Christmas, burning the viejo, huehueres, and more!