Monday, July 30, 2012

Back in the DF

I had a fantastic visit back home! The month flew by, filled with family time, my cousin's wedding, another cousin's new baby, trips to the beach and the mountains, catching up with friends (sorry to everyone I missed seeing this time around!), quick visits to Boston and North Carolina, and playing tour guide in my home town.

I've been back in the DF for a week now.

I'm back to the rainy season: plenty of rain, thunder and lightening, and even some hail thrown in for a bonus one day.

I'm back to practicing a little bit more patience: I went to Migration last week to renew my student visa. It's never fun, but fortunately it wasn't too bad this time.

I'm back to working on my thesis.

I'm back to singing with the choir: we had a concert last Friday for a Literature and Language Teachers' Conference.

And if I thought my month home flew by...  Last Thursday (July 26th) marked two years since I first arrived in the DF! Where has the time gone? Thanks to all who have been following along!