Friday, March 1, 2013

Theater: Si nos dejan

On February 2nd, Edson surprised me and took me to see the musical Si nos dejan. The name ("if they let us") comes from a song by the same name that says "If they let us, we'll love each other all of our lives" ("Si nos dejan nos vamos a querer toda la vida"), which plays an important role in the storyline.

The show was fantastic! It's self-described as "Golden Age cinema made into theater" and "the perfect fusion of music, Mexico and digital art," which I'd say is pretty accurate.

playbill for Si nos dejan

The play starts out with a mariachi band going into an abandoned old-time movie theater in Mexico City and accidentally turning on an old movie. The movie comes to life onstage and the mariachis soon join in and become part of the movie.

The storyline of the movie (within the play) is original, but pays homage to Mexico's Golden Age of Cinema by including typical types of characters and plot lines from movies from that time (the poor boy who falls for the hacienda owner's daughter, family secrets that lead to significant plot twists, etc).

The show includes around 50 songs, which are well-known rancheras that "everybody knows," worked into the storyline.

The show included interesting and creative uses of projectors and screens (hence the digital art part of the description) and the "junk from the old time movie theater" became the props and set pieces in the "movie."

I thoroughly enjoyed the show, for it's Golden Age of Cinema feel, the music and the visual appeal. I was going to say that I highly recommend it (well, for Spanish-speakers in the area with an appreciation for Mexican cinema and music), but while writing this post I read that the show closed on February 10th. I hadn't realized it was closing! I was a little saddened when I found out, both because more people won't be able to see it (though it did have 550+ shows) and I would have considered seeing it again (that's how much I enjoyed it!).

I'll leave you with a preview of the show:

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