Friday, March 22, 2013


My first week in Mexico City (we're talking July 2010), my dad and I planned to cut through the park Viveros on our way to Coyoacán until we realized that with the layout of the park (closed off with a few entrances/exits) it wasn't really feasible.

Since that almost attempt at a visit, I had never been into Viveros. That is, until (finally!) two weeks ago when Edson and I visited Viveros for a run.

Viveros means "garden center" or "nursery." My Lonely Planet Mexico City City Guide 2008 (that I just remembered and pulled out for the first time in forever) describes it as:
... the principal nurseries for Mexico City's parks and gardens. The 3900,000-sq-meter swath of greenery, 1km west of central Coyoacán, is popular with joggers and perfect for a stroll, but watch out for belligerent squirrels!" (Lonely Planet Mexico City City Guide 2008) 
I'm not so sure about "belligerent" squirrels, but the 2 km path is heavily used by walkers and runners and in the open grassy areas I've seen yoga, Tai Chi, bootcamp and other classes. There are seedling and sapling areas, though I'd say the majority is made up of full grown trees, divided by type (at least according to the map, chestnut, walnut, cedar, ash, elm, poplar, palm, pine, and cacti among other things). The 2km path along the perimeter gets pretty hectic with walkers and runners, but you can also stroll (or run. whatever) along the more peaceful, tree-lined pathways that traverse the park.

Map of Viveros

I really enjoyed Viveros and wish I had discovered it (aka actually gone in) sooner. It's a nice breath of fresh air in the city!

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