Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Africam Safari

On March 29th, Edson and I went to the Africam Safari in Puebla. The name Africam comes from the combination of the founder's name, Carlos CAMacho, with the AFRIcan continent, where many of the animals come from.

statue of Carlos Camacho, founder of Africam Safari
The park, which opened in 1972, is different from many traditional zoos in that you     drive or ride in your car or on the Africam bus and observe the animals roaming freely in a habitat resembling their habitat in the wild. There are several different habitats, including:

  • Yellowstone, North America
  • Chitwan, Asia
  • Huasteca, Mexico
  • Mombasa, Africa
  • Bakuli
  • Serengeti, Africa
  • Oasis
  • Kalahari Desert, Africa 
  • Okavango Delta, Africa 
While the animals pretty much roam freely, precautions are taken. For example the tigers are in their own section, where the doors are manually opened for vehicles to enter and exit (with their windows closed!).

The "Adventure Zone" more closely resembles a traditional zoo, where you walk from exhibit to exhibit, visiting for example the meerkats, the kangaroos, the butterfly house, the bat cave. There are also shows and opportunities to take your photo with animals, go on a pony ride, or try the "extreme route" (high swinging bridges, zipline, etc.).

While I like the concept, since we visited during Holy Week when most people have vacation days, there were just SO MANY PEOPLE. There were times when I felt like I was stuck in a traffic jam.... with giraffes or other animals walking by. Overall, I'd still recommend a visit - just not on a holiday or holiday weekend!

Here are some of the photos from our visit:

an ostrich and traffic

Shout out to my AXO Flamingo Fam

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  1. I did something really similar in Indonesia. I loved it!