Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Baseball in Puebla

While in Puebla we went to a Pericos baseball game (I think perico translates to both parakeet or parrot).

I'm always impressed with the variety of food that is sold at stadiums, though the exact variety changes based on the location. Puebla is known for cemitas, a word that refers both to the sandwich and the type of bread used (similar to brioche and covered in sesame seeds.). The sandwich generally has beef milanesa (thinly pounded and deep-fried piece of beef), white cheese, avocado, tomato, onions and sauce. I had tried a cemita on a previous visit to Puebla, but I had never seen so many cemitas being sold and eaten as I did at the stadium! 

one of the many cemita vendors 
beer, water, and soda
advertising tacos dorados 

more cemitas

selling flan and more cemitas
dried shrimp
selling chips and other fried snacks
cotton candy
the mascot 

a very large noise-maker

Gangnam style in Puebla

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