Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Dinner Concert

Thursday June 13th was the choir's Dinner Concert with Chef Ricardo Muñoz Zurita at the Azul y Oro restaurant in the Cultural Center of the UNAM. 

Chef Muñoz has four restaurants: Azul y Oro Centro Cultural Universitario, Azul y Oro Torre de Ingeniería, Azul Condesa y Azul Histórico. His bio (though it appears to be a few years old) on Cocinar Mexicano reads: 

A recent special issue of Time Magazine described Ricardo Muñoz Zurita as "a prophet and preserver of a culinary tradition." Former executive chef of Mexico City's Hotel Nikko, author of four cookbooks in Spanish, including an important encyclopedia of Mexican cuisine, Muñoz has been a tireless campaigner for recognition of Mexico as one of the world's leading cuisines in international forums. He is also the culinary genius and chef behind Azul y Oro, the innnovative cafeteria of Mexico's national university, in Mexico City.

You can read a review of Chef Muñoz's Azul Histórico restaurant here.

We started the evening off with a concert of about 30 minutes, featuring songs from Mexico and Latin America.

A (sous-chef?) gave an inicial explanation of the menu since Chef Muñoz was caught in traffic. 

Once Chef Muñoz arrived, he explained the menu (please excuse my sorry attempt to describe). We started off with black rice (with squid ink) and an abalone, which were flown in from (Ensenada?), Mexico. Abalone is an edible sea snail which Muñoz explained is somewhat rare (at least not a common dish to try) and can cost around $70 or $80 USD in Japan, where it's considered a delicacy. The main dish was steak (I don't know what cut) in a chipotle sauce that was tasty, though a little spicy for a wimp like me. Dessert was an incredible chocolate molten cake with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream on the side. Dessert was definitely my favorite part!

Chef Ricardo Muñoz Zurita

It was definitely a fun (and delicious!) evening! 

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