Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Enjoying Poland

Wednesday marks one week into our adventures in Europe and so far I'm loving it!

After a full day of traveling (the DF to Paris to Berlin to Szczecin) we arrived in Szczecin, Poland where we stayed with wonderful host families. We had a concert at the castle, toured around and ate (too much) delicious food.

From there we went to Miedzyzdroje, Poland, which is on the coast. It's definitely a lot chillier than I would have imagined for a beach in the summer! Ice cream and waffles are the most popular treats and are sold everywhere! The other days the weather was nice but it didn't stopped raining all day today and the wind was so strong (aka various broken umbrellas).

Tonight we had our concert, in which 3 of the songs were also part of a competition. It was a slightly strange but very cool experience to be representing the UNAM and Mexico wearing an embroidered dress from Oaxaca, knowing that I'm not from Mexico but have called it home (away from home) for almost 3 years. The concert went really well and the crowd loved us! :) Two people from Szczecin showed up and surprised us tonight, including our host mom! After the concert we went to the  party with the other choirs. We sang Bésame Mucho and Cielito Lindo with the Polish choir and we joined them for a Polish song / dance. It's awesome how music (and dance) can connect people, even when there are language barriers.

Tomorrow (in a few hours really) we'll participate in the Sacred Music category of the competition before heading to Poznan.

More updates to come! (Though photos will probably have to wait until I'm back in the DF)

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