Thursday, July 25, 2013

Back in the DF

I made it safe and sound (and exhausted) back to the DF! We got in last night and I'm still in recuperation mode.

The trip was absolutely incredible! I saw so many amazing places, met so many awesome people and, along with the rest of the choir, proudly represented the UNAM and Mexico singing in various festivals and competitions. I am so thankful for everyone that made it possible and helped and supported us along the way!

And now for a quick anecdote that I think illustrates where I am today and why today's post will be short, with more detailed updates coming another day....
Today I woke up from a nap and not only could I not figure out where I was, but I started stressing out because I couldn't remember what time I had to go for the next flight / train /transportation.

Stories and photos coming soon!! :)


  1. I'm a 17 year old kid from Mexico who has lived in the United states since I was 3. As I'm getting closer to graduating high school (I'll be a junior come September) i have actually been thinking about going back to Mexico to further my education In UNAM. I came across your blog not long ago by accident and I right away got hooked by it ( I have read all your posts about mexico within a week). what advice might you have about attending UNAM and living in a completely different country (I'm Mexican but have only been there twice after i left so Mexico for me in many ways is still new especially Mexico city). thank you