Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A German/American lunch

I had almost forgotten about this one....

Back in April Edson, Edson's parents, Rabea and I had gone to the Pumas v. América fútbol (soccer) game. We made a bet and decided that the loser(s) would have to make lunch. It didn't go so well for the Pumas, so Rabea and I made a German / American lunch.

(Side note: The Pumas have been pretty horrible recently and it doesn't look like it's going to turn around any time soon. I'll just cling to the memory of when they were the League Champions in Spring 2011. They'll come back.... one day. I've had practice at sticking it out and being a loyal fan through horrible seasons, awaiting a comeback-- I am an Orioles fan after all).

We planned the lunch to coincide with the Champions League Final - it seemed appropriate since two German teams (Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund) were playing.

with our country appropriate ingredients: pickles from Germany
and Old Bay from the US Maryland
I made shrimp salad sandwiches - with Old Bay, of course. Rabea made Bauernfrühstück (Farmer's breakfast) with potatoes, eggs, bacon, onion, garlic, and parsley, accompanied by pickles. Apparently it's also called "Hoppelpoppel" in Berlin, which is a rather funny name in my opinion....

We also enjoyed German beer.... out of a Baltimore Orioles mug. Just trying to keep the Germany and US theme going :)

our lunch - yum! 
Funny story. We bought 3 different German beers. I tried a bit of each and they were tasty, but since I didn't have much of a reference I didn't remember what they were. Fast forward to July: I went to Hofbräuhaus in Munich and enjoyed their beer (....and pretzel, and sausage, and kaiserschmarnn.... Eventually I'll write about my adventures in Europe, I promise!). Now back in the DF I just rediscovered these photos and we had shared a bottle of Hofbräuhaus beer at our German/ American lunch! I had no idea! 

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