Sunday, September 8, 2013

Coyoacán Market

Edson and I went to the Coyoacán Market for brunch one morning. After realizing I had never documented for the blog, we snapped a few photos to share.

We ate at Tostadas Coyoacán - the original tostadas place in the market. The best way I can describe a tostada is like the hard, yellow taco shell that's sold in the U.S. (and doesn't exist in Mexico), but flat and circular. You can put a number of ingredients on top of the tostada: chicken, chicken with mole, tuna, steak, shrimp, ceviche, etc. Depending on what you choose, it might have lettuce and cream (it's not sour cream and it's not a sweet cream, it's just.... crema) on top as well. It's generally messy and delicious. The guys at Tostada Coyoacán work so fast preparing the orders - it's impressive to watch them.

The market itself has a bit of everything. There are some places to eat - such as Tostadas Coyoacán. There are stands that sell poultry, vegetables, fruits, seeds and spices, or sweets. You can also find flowers, piñatas, handicrafts, items for your house, costumes, and more.

Here are a few photos:

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