Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Until we meet again...

Today two friends are leaving Mexico to start their adventures in Brazil. 

I met Tatiana my first (or second?) week in Mexico and we soon became part of a group of international friends that hung out, explored the city, traveled, celebrated birthdays, etc. Some of my first adventures in Mexico were with Tati (such as karaoke with new friendsFrida Kahlo's Blue HouseXochimilcoAnahuacalliDay of the Dead in Mixquic, and other adventures). She soon met Abel, which means I met him as well not too much later. 

While I've been here for a little over 3 years now, Tati was here as an exchange student for a year, went back to Colombia for a year, and for the past year was back in Mexico working.  

photo from their "going away" lunch 

Today they say goodbye to Mexico and hello to their new adventures in Brazil. I wish you two a safe journey and the best of luck! See you in Brazil!  ;)

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