Thursday, October 10, 2013

Guadalajara de Noche in Plaza Garibaldi

Back in August  I went to Guadalajara de Noche for the first time. It's a restaurant / bar located in Plaza Garibaldi, Mexico City's home of mariachi music. 

I liked the atmosphere of the place, decorated with hanging star lights, papel picado, and (fake) balconies with flowers. 

When we got there the mariachi band was serenading guests (pay per song style). 

Guadalajara de Noche offers two "traditional Mexican shows" a night (9:30 pm and 11:00 pm) featuring prehispanic and regional music and dances, as well a (kind of) cockfight and trick roping (is that what it's called in English? spinning tricks with a lasso...). I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the show -- it was a bit short, but well done.  

There was also a cockfight, which I wasn't as much of a fan of,
though at least they only let the roosters get riled up
and not actually hurt each other 

"trick roping" (or whatever it's called in English...) 
After the show there was a band that played salsa and cumbia music for dancing (and maybe more mariachi? I can't remember). Later in the evening there was also a Juan Gabriel impersonator.

Overall it was a fun evening. I would definitely recommend it for visitors as well since you can experience an overview of various types of music and dance in Mexico, while enjoying food and drink in a nice atmosphere. 

And just for fun:

Rabea and I posed with the Juan Gabriel statue outside of Guadalajara de Noche (there are lots of statues of famous singers throughout Plaza Garibaldi)....
with the Juan Gabriel statue in Plaza Garibaldi
.... and Edson and I posed "with" Pedro Infante and Jorge Negrete outside of Salon Tenampa (which we didn't go to that night, but you can read about my visit on the 15th here). 

"with" Pedro Infante and Jorge Negrete - two of the greats from
Mexico's Golden Age of Cinema

**Thanks Edson and Rabea for sharing your photos with me!

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