Friday, October 4, 2013

Protests, churros and chocolate

Back on September 1st I accompanied Edson to run an errand and we found ourselves witnesses to a protest against the Energy Reform along Eje Central. The proposed Energy Reform would change the constitution to allow private and foreign investment in PEMEX (Petróleos Mexicanos = Mexican Petroleum), which has been State owned since 1938 when it was nationalized by President Lázaro Cárdenas. The fact that Mexico's petroleum is 100% Mexican-owned is a point of pride for many people, so the proposed reform is causing quite a stir.

There were so many police! But the part of the protest we saw was calm.

Edson told me I should get a photo standing in the street, because when would I see an empty Eje Central again?
protests along Eje Central means
no vehicle traffic! 
From there we got breakfast (dessert for breakfast, really) at the old time Churrería El Moro, which opened in 1935. They serve churros (hence "Churrería") to be accompanied by various kinds of chocolate (hot chocolate, with the option of the "Special", French, Spanish, or Mexican version), coffee, milk, or milkshakes.

Would you like the special, French, Spanish or
Mexican hot chocolate with your churros

churros, coming right up! 

We had churros with French and Spanish hot chocolates. The Spanish chocolate was practically a hot chocolate pudding it was so thick! It wasn't so great for drinking, but was great for dipping churros

French (left) and Spanish (right) chocolates and churros

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