Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wicked in Mexico City!

One week from tomorrow I get to see Wicked in Mexico City!! I'm so excited!! It's one of my three favorite shows (Rent and In the Heights are the others, in case you were wondering). This is the first time the show has been (officially) translated to Spanish, which should be interesting. 

There will be two actresses alternating playing the role of Elphaba -- Danna Paola (she's only 18, whoa!) and Ana Cecilia Anzaldúa -- and Cecilia de la Cueva will be playing Glinda. 

Danna Paola as Elphaba
From Wicked México's Facebook page here  
Ana Cecilia Anzaldúa as Elphaba
From Wicked México's Facebook page here
Cecilia de la Cueva as Glinda
From Wicked México's Facebook page here

Ticket prices wouldn't be bad for Broadway, but are really expensive for Mexico: $821 pesos = $63.91 USD, $1,281 pesos = $99.72 USD, or $1,746 USD = $135.92 USD. I'm hoping it will be worth it though!

Here are a few previews of the show on Youtube:

Cecilia de la Cueva singing "Popular"

"Ciudad Esmeralda" ("One Short Day")

Dana Paola singing "Desafiando la gravedad" ("Defying Gravity")

Dana Paola singing "No hay bien sin castigo" ("No Good Deed")

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