Sunday, May 26, 2013

"Colores de Latinoamérica" CD

I'm getting excited! We still haven't been able to listen to a copy of the choir's new "Colores de Latinoamérica" CD, but here's a preview of the cover!

We'll be presenting the CD to the public June 16th at the Gala Concert and CD Release!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Gala Concert and CD Release

More exciting choir news!

We've finished recording the choir's 2nd CD, "Colores de Latinoamérica" (Colors of Latin America)!

To everyone in the Mexico City area, you are cordially invited to the Gala Concert and CD Release (followed by wine and hors d'oeuvres)!

Sunday June 16, 2013
Casino Español de México
Isabel la Católica 29
Centro Histórico, Ciudad de México

Tickets: $250 pesos
with options of
Packet 1: 1 ticket + 1 CD for $300 pesos
Packet 2: 2 tickets for $400 pesos

The proceeds will support our upcoming tour in Europe, where we'll be representing the UNAM, Mexico City and Mexico in Poland and Germany!

For more information or to purchase tickets, you can contact me, visit or email contacto [AT]

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Goodbye Google Reader

I was bummed when Google made the announcement that as of July 1st they will be discontinuing their  Google Reader, which I've used for almost 3 years to keep up with the various blogs I follow.

I've switched over to as my go-to RSS reader to keep up with all the blogs I follow in one place. I like that when you read in the bloglovin frame, each blog post appears as it would    on the actual blog (background, font, colors, etc) and not just text and photos like on the Google Reader. However, since you view one entry at a time that means waiting for the page to reload between posts, which can take a lot longer when your internet is slow.

If you'd like to follow my blog using Bloglovin, you can do so here.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Choir announcement

I have an exciting announcement! One month from today I'll be leaving with the choir for a 5-week European adventure, representing the UNAM, Mexico City and Mexico!

The first part of the trip will be spent in Poland. We'll start with concerts in Szczecin, before heading to a festival in Miedzyzdroje. From there we'll go to Poznań to participate in the Universitas Cantat festival, where we'll join 12 other university choirs from Poland, Czech Republic, Spain, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Brazil, and Macedonia. Our last stop in Poland will be Bydgoszcz for Bydgoszcz Musical Impressions or International Meeting of Young Musicians.

A) Szczecin, B) Miedzyzdroje, C) Poznan, D) Bydgoszcz

After that the plans are still a bit up in the air. Part of the choir (not including me) will participate in a competition in Wernigerode, Germany (I don't know much, but there's a castle!!). You (and I) will just have to see where else travels take me!

Have any of your been to Poland or Germany? Any advice (packing, what to see / eat / do, cultural norms, etc.) is greatly appreciated!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Concert at the Casa del Lago

Sunday April 21st the choir performed at the Casa del Lago (Lakehouse) in Chapultepec Park. I had performed there once before with the choir, back in May of 2011 in my first few months with the choir.

Once again, it was a surreal experience singing "Mi Ciudad," which is about the DF, and has a line that says " un bosque de espejos que cuida un castillo" ("It's a forest of mirrors that guards a castle"), referring to Chapultepec Park and the Chapultepec Castle.

Thanks to all that came to hear us sing!

view of the lakehouse from across the lake

lakehouse in Chapultepec Park

after the concert with Edson's parents 

after the concert with Edson

And just for fun, here's a photo from after the concert in 2011 (when my hair was so short!):

Pumas vs. América

On April 20th I went to my second Pumas v. América fútbol (soccer) game at the Estadio Azteca. We were a mixed group: 3 América fans and 2 Pumas fans.

Before the game, we ate birria at Birria Michoacanísimo.

And from there we headed to the stadium. Unfortunately Pumas lost, 0 - 1.

Edson was happy about the final score....

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Baseball in Puebla

While in Puebla we went to a Pericos baseball game (I think perico translates to both parakeet or parrot).

I'm always impressed with the variety of food that is sold at stadiums, though the exact variety changes based on the location. Puebla is known for cemitas, a word that refers both to the sandwich and the type of bread used (similar to brioche and covered in sesame seeds.). The sandwich generally has beef milanesa (thinly pounded and deep-fried piece of beef), white cheese, avocado, tomato, onions and sauce. I had tried a cemita on a previous visit to Puebla, but I had never seen so many cemitas being sold and eaten as I did at the stadium! 

one of the many cemita vendors 
beer, water, and soda
advertising tacos dorados 

more cemitas

selling flan and more cemitas
dried shrimp
selling chips and other fried snacks
cotton candy
the mascot 

a very large noise-maker

Gangnam style in Puebla

Africam Safari

On March 29th, Edson and I went to the Africam Safari in Puebla. The name Africam comes from the combination of the founder's name, Carlos CAMacho, with the AFRIcan continent, where many of the animals come from.

statue of Carlos Camacho, founder of Africam Safari
The park, which opened in 1972, is different from many traditional zoos in that you     drive or ride in your car or on the Africam bus and observe the animals roaming freely in a habitat resembling their habitat in the wild. There are several different habitats, including:

  • Yellowstone, North America
  • Chitwan, Asia
  • Huasteca, Mexico
  • Mombasa, Africa
  • Bakuli
  • Serengeti, Africa
  • Oasis
  • Kalahari Desert, Africa 
  • Okavango Delta, Africa 
While the animals pretty much roam freely, precautions are taken. For example the tigers are in their own section, where the doors are manually opened for vehicles to enter and exit (with their windows closed!).

The "Adventure Zone" more closely resembles a traditional zoo, where you walk from exhibit to exhibit, visiting for example the meerkats, the kangaroos, the butterfly house, the bat cave. There are also shows and opportunities to take your photo with animals, go on a pony ride, or try the "extreme route" (high swinging bridges, zipline, etc.).

While I like the concept, since we visited during Holy Week when most people have vacation days, there were just SO MANY PEOPLE. There were times when I felt like I was stuck in a traffic jam.... with giraffes or other animals walking by. Overall, I'd still recommend a visit - just not on a holiday or holiday weekend!

Here are some of the photos from our visit:

an ostrich and traffic

Shout out to my AXO Flamingo Fam