Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Celebrating my birthday

I had a great time celebrating my birthday! (And I spread it out over a couple days, even better!) On my actual birthday I treated myself to a couple hours at the spa (at a very discounted price - thanks Groupon!). That night Edson took me out to dinner at Rosetta, an Italian restaurant in La Roma neighborhood. 

entrance to Rosetta
photo from Rosetta's fb page:

There's a good review of the restaurant here, on the "Good Food in Mexico City" blog, written by Nicholas Gilman in 2010. 

Some highlights from the review: 

"A lovely old mansion which had seen several previous incarnations (the last as an art gallery) has been lovingly restored by chef and owner Elena Reygadas and her husband, architect Jaime Serra. On the ground floor, tables are set in a high-ceilinged covered patio whose white walls are decorated with lightly brushed, discreet floral motifs." 

inside Rosetta, by day
photo from Rosetta's fb page:

"The smart, reasonably sized menu was designed by chef Reygadas. She trained under a bevy of multi-regional Italian chefs in, of all places, London, then traveled through the mother country itself gleaning the best recipes she could find. Offered are traditional Italian dishes, but not the ones you’re likely to see in any other restaurant outside Italy. You’ll find curious pastas like the lumpy malfatti and the little ear-shaped oricchietti. No clichés here. The chef chooses classic and traditional recipes according to what is seasonal and inspirational in the market. She brightens them up, but there is no unnecessary gussying or ‘re-inventing’. She states emphatically that her recipes are “deceptively simple”; she concentrates on using the finest temporal ingredients, and orients her menu to the climate as well. "

inside Rosetta, by night
photo from Rosetta's fb page:

Dinner was delicious! We toasted with sparkling wine and started with yummy house-made bread and a tomato, basil, and (Italian cheese I hadn't heard of, similar to mozzarella) salad. Then I had gnocchi with deer and Edson had risotto with rabbit and they were both delicious! (They make the pasta in-house as well). For dessert we shared a chocolate mousse with a crunchy hazelnut crust on the bottom. It was amazing!  

After dinner, Edson surprised me and took me to Plaza Garibaldi so I could be serenaded with "Las mañanitas" (the Mexican birthday song). For me, it's not a birthday without cake. Here in Mexico, it's not a birthday without "Las mañanitas," and there's no better place then Plaza Garibaldi.

It was cold out! (Clarification - cold for Mexico City). Their matching mariachi suits lost a bit of the effect bundled up under winter coats.

At the end of the song they wished me a happy 15th birthday (similar to sweet sixteen in the US) - hah! 

On Friday, friends invited us out for dinner. They were so thoughtful and gave me a magnet, coffee, and rum from the Dominican Republic. (Thanks again!)

magnet from the Dominican Republic
On Saturday we celebrated at La Santa Diabla in La Condesa. We were on the 3rd floor, which is beach-themed. It was just the right combination of bar and dancing that I was looking for.

Thanks so much to everyone who came out to celebrate with me! It was the first time I had planned a get-together in Mexico with friends from different friend groups. I loved being surrounded by friends from my Master's program, the choir, friends I've met through Edson, and other friends I've met along the way :)

They surprised me, playing "Las mañanitas" and delivering a shot and a birthday cake (Thanks, Edson!)!

This is about when I discovered it was a trick candle that kept relighting....

Well, time for another photo since the candle is lit again...

Edson saved the day, making sure the candle stayed out (after numerous failed attempts on my part).

It was my first time celebrating my birthday in the DF and it was fantastic! Thanks to everyone who made it special! 

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