Saturday, January 11, 2014

"Fiesta de Muertos" in Coyoacán

For Day of the Dead, Coyoacán hosted a "Fiesta de Muertos" ("Party of the Dead"), including a Feria (festival / fair) of chocolate (like hot chocolate) and pan de muerto (Day of the Dead bread), altars, and cultural events.

There were lots of stands selling food and drink - and lots of people there to eat!! They were obviously selling chocolate and pan de muerto, though we also saw crepes, atole, lots of tamales, sugar and chocolate skulls, food from Honduras, ice cream, and more! 

flavored atoles and café de olla
it was packed! 
sugar and chocolate skulls
sugar skulls
Honduran food
chocolate skulls
candy skulls, skeletons, and caskets
posing with the Catrina 

a tamal with mole - yum! 

with my pan de muerto (I went the untraditional, but
delicious route and got it with nutella in the middle)
and chocolate
so many people! 

We also saw the altars / offerings: 

lucha libre version of Día de Muertos
with the Día de Muertos version of the Chapulín Colorado

the Día de Muertos version of the Chavo del Ocho

baking pan de muerto
posing as a Revolutionary soldier and "Adelita"
(female soldier) from the Mexican Revolution
After taking in the sights (and eating and drinking our way through - ha!), we went to Corazón de Maguey for a cocktail with mezcal.

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