Tuesday, January 7, 2014

New Year's in Minatitlán, Veracruz

I spent New Year's in Minatitlán, Veracruz with Edson and his family.

My one request while visiting was to eat a memela, a corn-based tortilla topped with beans, chorizo, Chinameca meat, hard-boiled egg, avocado, cheese, and fried plantain. As far as I know, Minatitlán and some surrounding areas are the only places to prepare memelas like that. I enjoyed (sharing) a memela from the market for breakfast my first day. Yum! 

Monday night we visited the neighboring city Coatzacoalcos, where the Coatzacoalcos Quaschnick River meets the Bay of Campeche (part of the Gulf of Mexico). Coatzacoalcos is more touristy than Minatitlán and, though it was a quick (and very windy!) evening visit, I liked what I saw. 

murals on the sides of the apartment buildings in Coatzacoalcos

Every year on New Year's Eve, Edson's family's neighborhood has a single vs. married fútbol (soccer) game - and this year I was there to watch the famous game! 

Posters advertising the game 
Edson made it onto the poster (name on the right)
all the players 

Go, Edson, go! (in red and white) 



with Edson's mom and youngest brother 

"New Year's" could be seen (and heard!) all around Minatitlán. We saw lots of "viejos"("old men") sold around town. Like in Maltrata, the scarecrow-like figures represent the old year and they're burned (setting off the firecrackers stuffed inside them) to make way for the new year. 

"viejos" for sale along the road
"viejos" for sale along the road
"viejos" for sale along the road
"viejos" for sale along the road
"viejos" for sale along the road
We watched as various neighbors burned their "viejos" and set off firecrackers as New Year's Eve turned into New Year's Day. 

We ate lots of delicious food in the short time I visited. Here's our "summary" plate of leftovers the last day :)

Overall it was a great visit!

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