Saturday, January 11, 2014

Pumas v. Cruz Azul

Back in November Edson and I went with some friends to the Pumas v. Cruz Azul fútbol game at the Estadio Olímpico Universitario (at UNAM). Pumas were absolutely terrible last season (the new season is just starting again - hopefully they'll be better!), but we were a mixed group of Pumas and Cruz Azul fans so we decided to go. 

Well....we were all Pumas and Cruz Azul fans except for Edson, who is a Club América fan and therefore decided to go "incognito" so as not to be recognized at such an "embarrassing" game. 

We sat right night to a large section of Pumas fans.

While fans were there to cheer on their team, they also expressed their frustration at the terrible season.

"Pumas amarte duele" ("Pumas, it hurts to love you")
In the end they tied, which I guess worked out well for our mixed group. And hey, at least the Pumas didn't lose again....

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