Saturday, January 11, 2014

Singing for Poland's National Independence Day

Right before I left for my visit in the States, I had an awesome opportunity to sing with the choir at an event for the Polish Embassy to celebrate Poland's National Independence Day (November 11th, though the ceremony was November 12th).

the outdoor reception
(Polish Embassy in Mexico's web site)
In between speeches by the outgoing Polish Ambassador, Anna Niewiadomska, and other presentations, we sang the Mexican National Anthem, the Polish National Anthem ("Mazurek Dąbrowskiego"), the Anthem of Europe ("Ode to Joy" in English, "Ode an die Freude" in German), and 2 Mexican songs. 

Polish Ambassador Anna Niewiadomsk addressing the guests,
the choir onstage behind her
(Polish Embassy in Mexico's web site)
We sang the Polish National Anthem (in Polish) and the Anthem of Europe (in German) in a 4-part harmony. Somehow we pulled it off and they were impressed with our Polish pronunciation! The Ambassador also said she had never heard the Anthem sung so "musically" (or something along those lines). Definitely a compliment!  

The Polish National Anthem (though we sang a 4-part harmony version instead of in unison):

Anthem of Europe:

The Mexican National Anthem, however, was in unison. Did you know that it is prohibited to alter the Mexican National Anthem in any way? No 4-part harmony arrangements. No improvisation. No changes. It's written into Article 39 of the Constitution. That was the first time I had heard that!  

Mexican National Anthem: 

Afterward we enjoyed delicious food (a full buffet of Polish dishes) and drink (vodka from Poland and wine). It was a fun day and an honor to sing for the event!

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  1. I was there and I was impressed by Your and Your friends polish. You have sung like you were a real Poles. That was brilliant!