Monday, February 10, 2014

A weekend in Maltrata

I made a quick trip to Maltrata this weekend to celebrate Mama Juanita's birthday. I arrived Saturday around noon and had a bit of time to catch up with the family and play with the little ones before all the guests starting to come over.

with my little buddy, Axel
We've got a budding photographer on our hands - Axel took this photo
After a bit, family and friends started to arrive, along with a man who serenaded Mama Juanita, singing and playing guitar (starting of course with "Las mañanitas,"  the Mexican birthday song). 

We enjoyed chicken soup, mixiotes in salsa verde (read more about mixiotes here), both white and red rice, refried black beans, handmade (corn) tortillas, and a delicious salad I want to try to recreate at some point (lettuce, apple, cucumber, peanuts, walnuts, raisins, pineapple and probably other ingredients I'm forgetting). People came and went throughout the afternoon, probably 40-50 in total.

the (delicious) cake
Mama Juanita, before cutting the cake
Mama Juanita, her daughter Rosa Maria, and her grandson
that shares her birthday
On Sunday I had a few hours to spend time with the family (and play, of course!) before heading back to the DF. 

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