Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sunday at Paseo de la Reforma: Biking

On Sunday Edson and I spent part of the day at Paseo de la Reforma. Every Sunday between 8:00 am and 2:00 pm, part of Paseo de la Reforma is closed to cars, buses, and motorcycles and open for people (and pets) to bike, run, walk, skateboard, and skate.

Three (or four) Sundays of the month is the Paseo Dominical (Sunday ride), part of "Muévete en bici" (Travel by bike), organized by the Secretary of the Environment, with a route of ~26.5 km.

"Muévate en bici" map

The last Sunday of the month is the Ciclotón, sponsored by INDEPORTE, or the Institute of Sports, with a route of ~32 km.

Ciclotón map

On Sunday we participated in the Ciclotón -- apparently with approximately 60,000 other people. We tried to borrow the free bikes (you just need two official forms of ID and you can use them for up to 3 hours), but they were all out, the line was long, and we didn't see many being turned in. Instead, I rode an EcoBici (using Edson's EcoBici card) and Edson ran. EcoBici is a bike-lending program that, once you have a card (after paying the annual fee), you can borrow a bike from any bike station for up to 45 minutes. After returning it to the nearest (not full) station, there's a 5-minute wait period to borrow another bike.  

Along the way saw free hydration stations, various drink give-aways (Powerade, Fuze Tea, Sprite Zero, etc), a Zumba class, a yoga class, medical stations, staff/volunteers available to fix bikes, and stands selling bike gear.

Ciclotón staff (volunteer?) helping fix a bike

Can you spot me in the photo below?  

Where's Waldo Becca?
We rode/ ran from where we borrowed the first bike (along Reforma, near the Diana Cazadora fountain) to the Palacio de Bellas Artes and back again, about 7.6 km (4.72 miles).

our route
in front of the "Caballito" sculpture

From there we had lunch at the Colombian restaurant Pollos Mario. We shared bandeja paisa, ajiaco, arepas, and maracuyá (passion fruit) juice. Yum!

It was a fun day!

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