Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Bad news in the DF

Two pieces of bad news in the DF.....

1. Yesterday officials announced that just 16 months after the new gold / no. 12 Metro line opened, 11 of the 20 stations will be closed for up to 6 months for repairs of structural defects. According to an article by Agencia EFE (published here or here): 

"A waviness in the rails along the 14 kilometers (about 9 miles) of track between the Tlahuac and Atlalilco stations has caused damage to the wheels of metro trains such that six of the 30 trains are out of service.The unevenness in the rails results in strong vibrations and caused an electric cable to fail, not to mention creating cracks in the ties and fractures in the supports for the track. Authorities said that 300 buses will be used to temporarily replace service along Line 12." 

Let's not forget that it took about 4 years to build and cost around 24 billion pesos (~1.8 billion USD). 


2. (Though this is nationally and not just the DF) The price of limes has gone up by 68%, up to 59.90 pesos (4.51 USD) per kilo. If I hadn't mentioned it before, let me be clear that lime (plus some kind of salsa, chile, or chile powder) goes on just about everything here! Though at times it's used as a main ingredient, lime is usually used as a condiment to enhance flavor. We're talking on fruit, veggies, meat, tacos, soups, seafood, etc., not to mention limeade or micheladas (beer + lime + salt on the rim) to drink.

Though it's bad news for anyone buying limes, it has resulted in some pretty entertaining memes (which is also pretty typical in Mexico - poking fun at difficult situations as a form a criticism). Here's a few that I've seen floating around Facebook: 

Tequila: 50 pesos
Double: 75 pesos
with lime: 500 pesos
Money does grow on trees! 
I'll exchange a lime tree for
a luxury house with a pool 
Special sale on limes
[...] and no interest for up to 18 months
Liverpool (an expensive department store in Mexico) 
new form of payment! 
If life gives you limes...
collect them because it's pure gold, a kilo of limes is super expensive! 

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