Friday, March 21, 2014

El Caudillo

Edson and I went to the cantina El Caudillo two weekends ago to celebrate a birthday. It was my first time there and I still can't quite get over the place!

It was explained to me that there are traditionally two types of cantinas: some that have a menu you can order off of and others that give you snack foods (like quesadillas, for example) to accompany your drinks. At El Caudillo, with the consumption of 4 (alcoholic) drinks, you get a 4-course meal for free!

The first course is soup. I chose Sopa Azteca. The second course is rice or salad. I had some really yummy roasted veggies. Ok. Nothing out of the ordinary. 

What blew me away is that the third and fourth courses are huge portions and surprisingly good. I thought it would be along the lines of most buffets - quantity over quality - but was pleasantly surprised that this was not the case. The third course had options like enchiladas, huaraches, and pork chops. I had enchiladas de mole.  The fourth course included options like ribs, veal, fish, shrimp, arrachera (flank steak?), T-bone steak, chicken, leg of pork (it was huge!!), rabbit, or quesadillas. I think I had baked veal breast? (Though I wasn't sure what it was while ordering) So. Much. Food!

at El Caudillo
There was also live music. I think we saw three or four different singers / groups while we were there. According to their brochure they have live music every day (well, minus Sundays when they're closed). It was a fun (and tasty) evening!

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