Tuesday, March 18, 2014

International meals

I've enjoyed lots of delicious international meals over the last couple of weeks!

At the end of February we enjoyed homemade Argentine/Italian-style pizza and a tortilla española / Spanish omelette (thick egg omelette with fried potatoes and onion) with my roommates and some of their friends. (Sorry for the blurry photos!)

Pizza (left) and tortilla española (right)

At the beginning of March a Brazilian friend prepared feijoada for us (a typical dish in Brazil), plus another friend bought rajas con crema (a Mexican dish of sliced poblano peppers with cheese and cream), which was the first time I was able to enjoy the dish without it being too spicy!

the fixings for feijoada (plus the rajas con crema in the blue bowl)
This past weekend we had another international lunch at my apartment. I made shrimp salad sandwiches (with Old Bay, of course!) to represent Maryland.

Shrimp salad sandwiches
Representing Mexico, Edson made "bistecate": a combination of "bistec" (steak) and "aguacate" (avocado), blended together and eaten in a taco.

bistecte, with scallions on the side
My roommate from Sevilla, Spain made Salmorejo, a purée with tomato, bread, garlic, oil, and vinegar, which can either be eaten as a (cold) soup, or put on top of bread with some olive oil, hard boiled egg, and cucumber.


bread with Salmorejo, hard boiled egg, and cucumber 
My roommate from Cadiz, Spain made fried fish and fried calamari. Everything was delicious!

Shrimp salad sandwich, bread with Salmorejo and hard boiled egg, fried fish,
and a bistecate taco
On Sunday, Edson and I had leftover shrimp salad, plus chilaquiles (tortillas quartered and fried to make totopos, covered in a tomato-based salsa, topped with queso fresco and onion) with a bit of steak and chicken on the side.


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