Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Drinks at Maison Artemisia

On Saturday we celebrated a friend's birthday at Maison Artemisia, a restaurant and bar located in La Roma neighborhood and inspired by La Belle Époque in France.

Downstairs is the restaurant -- we didn't try the food, but I've heard it's good (...and expensive). They play up the secret/ exclusive club aspect and we had to be let in through the otherwise closed door next to the restaurant and invited upstairs to the bar. I liked the decor and the vibe of the place.

upstairs at the bar at Maison Artemisia
The bar is famous for its absinthe, imported from France and Switzerland, and absinthe-based cocktails. While I tried the girls' absinthe, I opted for a cocktail. I got the house specialty, an Artemisia Sour, with absinthe, lemon, egg white, sugar, and chocolate shavings. It was definitely an interesting mix of flavors.

with my Artemisia Sour at Maison Artemisia
Artemisia Sour
They feature cocktails with other spirits as well. For me, absinthe was interesting to try, but I'm not a huge fan of the anise flavor. For round two I tried a Lemongrass Collins, made with vodka, vanilla, Licor 43, lemon, and ginger beer.  It doesn't look too intimidating, but it was strong!

Most of the cocktails boast an interesting combination of flavors (which threw us off when one "only" tasted like raspberry - hah!). They're not cheap though -- absinthe or cocktails range from 130 to 180 pesos each. 

a photo of our (not absinthe-based) cocktails 

I liked the vibe of the place and the cocktails were high quality and very interesting. It made for a fun night!

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