Friday, April 4, 2014

Busy week!

It's been a busy week this week!

In addition to the normal thesis writing, working out, and rehearsing with the choir....

We had an extra long rehearsal to prepare for our multiple events this week and in the near future.

I made a trip to the Brazilian Consulate (more on that eventually!). Getting there and back is definitely the longest part! I also composed an email to send to Eric Whitacre (the Eric Whitacre) from our choir director (token native English speaker here!), which wasn't so much time consuming as out of the ordinary.

Just a regular day -- gym, grocery store, thesis, and rehearsal.

We had a concert at the Centro de Enseñanza para Extranjeros (CEPE) and it went really well! We even sang two encores by request!

Thursday night we went to see the movie Divergent. Edson had gotten tickets through a promotion so five of us were able to see it before it officially opened in theaters on Friday. I really enjoyed it!
I spent most of the day (11:45 am - 6:00 pm) with the choir recording two songs for a television program! We sang "Water Night" and "Cloudburst," both with text by Octavio Paz and music by Eric Whitacre. "Water Night" is the English translation of Paz's poem "Agua Nocturna" and "Cloudburst" is adapted from the poem "El Cántaro Roto" ("The Broken Water-Jug). The program will be in honor of Octavio Paz's 100th birthday (which was March 31st) and broadcast by Edusat, a non-commercial, educational television network owned by the Secretary of Public Education. I also did a reading of "Water Night" (once again, token native English speaker), so we'll see if it makes the cut. No info yet when the program will be broadcast.

"Cloudburst", behind the scenes. Not sure why our black dresses look blue
Reading "Water Night" - I'm reading in English, my choirmates are reading in Spanish
If you're interesting in listening to the songs from previous performances, click here for "Cloudburst" and here for "Water Night."

Saturday and Sunday: 
This weekend we're headed to Cuernavaca to visit friends and celebrate their exciting news. Yay!

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