Thursday, April 10, 2014

Choir's concert in Gryfino, Poland

Maybe we'll count today's post as a Throwback Thursday post since it's from our trip to Europe last summer...

We gave our final concert in Poland on July 8, 2013 at a church in Gryfino, Poland. While we had lots of fantastic concerts while on tour, this one stood out to me because the audience was so enthusiastic and filled with lots of our new friends who we had met the first few days of the trip and were reunited with at the end of our stay in Poland. It was bittersweet to be able to share this concert with them and to see friendly faces in the audience as we sang, but also knowing we'd have to say goodbye. (Fortunately they're coming to visit us in Mexico in a couple of months. Yay!!) 

One of our new friends recorded and uploaded the entire concert, which is what I want to share with you today:

The first half of the concert was sacred music. In the middle we were presented with awards from the competition in Miedzyzdroje, Poland (... I think). The second half is popular / traditional / folkloric music from various countries in Latin America. (Oh yea, and I also introduce the pieces in English in the second half. I get more nervous about speaking than singing!) 

1. Xtoles (~0:00:30)
2. Motete + Dios Itlaconantzine (~0:05:30)
3. Ave Maria (~0:10:15)
4. Locus iste (~0:13:15)
5. O magnum mysterium (~0:16:40)
6. Benedictio (~0:23:20)
7. La llorona (México) (~0:35:50)
8. Naranjitay (Bolivia) (~0:40:00)
9. Son de la Loma (Cuba) (~0:42:40)
10. Bullerengue (Colombia) (~0:46:00)
11. El Bodeguero (Cuba) (~0:49:25)
12. El Cascabel (México) (~0:53:15)
13. Cielito Lindo / Cielito Lindo Huasteco (México) (~0:56:30)
Encore 1: Bésame Mucho (México) (~1:06:00)
Encore 2: Prende la Vela (Colombia) (~1:11:15)
Encore 3: Louva a Deus (Brazil) (~1:15:55)

Also, a closer video of "Bésame Mucho" from the same concert:

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