Monday, April 28, 2014


Yesterday we went to eat birria (goat stew) at Michoacanísimo - yum! If brunch were a concept in Mexico, I think it would have applied. We got there around 12:15 but it was so packed I don't think we were seated until at least 1:00. Somehow we were seated in the patio section - a first for me since it usually specially requested and requires a longer wait.

cooking the tortillas and quesadillas
birria, prepped with cilantro, onion, and lime
the boys 
"advertising" my (delicious) pineapple ice cream -
it's my favorite! 
After we ate we stopped by the Cultural Center of the UNAM. Yesterday was International Dance Day and the UNAM had three performance spaces with (free!) performances all day. The sun was brutal (hello sunburn) and it was pretty packed, so we only stayed for a bit.

In the evening I met with my reading group and then relaxed for a bit. It was a full day! 

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