Sunday, May 18, 2014

Axel's birthday and Mother's Day in Maltrata, Veracruz

I spent last weekend in Maltrata to celebrate Axel's birthday and Mother's Day. 

Shortly after arriving on Saturday I accompanied Mamá Juanita and one of her daughters to the cemetery to leave flowers in honor of Mother's Day (always celebrated May 10th in Mexico). I thought it would be just for her mother, though we left flowers for various family members, including her mother, mother-in-law, daughter-in-law, and husband. We saw lots of people leaving flowers for their family members that have passed away. 

cemetery in Maltrata

Back at the house I played with the boys before the festivities began. They went for a swim in the tank (reservoir?), though I just watched from the side.

with the birthday boy

That afternoon family and friends came over for lunch for a joint celebration of Mother's Day, especially celebrating Mamá Juanita, and Axel's birthday. We had a delicious lunch of pierna (pork leg?) adobada, chicken prepared with avocado leaves and lime and I'm not sure what else, pozolearroz rojo (red rice), refried beans, and pasta salad. We ate the bread and pastries of a resobada with our coffee. While we were eating, a man serenaded us, singing and playing keyboard.

When we were thoroughly stuffed, they brought out the goodies for the birthday party part of the celebration: tamales with salsa verde and sweet tamales, fruit kebabs to dip in the chocolate fountain, cupcakes, and Jell-o molds.

There were also two piñatas for the little ones (and not so littles ones) to try to break open and of course run for the treats when they fell to the ground.

Alex taking a swing at the piñata

How cool are these banners for Axel's birthday?

Axel as Captain America
Axel as Max Steel

The piñata provided entertainment after it had been broken and emptied as well...
playing around with the piñata "head" 

I enjoyed celebrating both Mother's Day with my adopted family and Axel's birthday. I first met my little buddy when he was about 14 months old and I've since celebrated his 2nd, 3rd, and now 4th birthday with him. How time flies!

"Rebe" and Axel in 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014

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