Saturday, July 12, 2014

World Cup: Germany v. Ghana at a German restaurant

A German friend invited me to watch the Germany v. Ghana match at Nibelungengarten, a German restaurant and bakery here in the DF. I had never been before (didn't know it existed!), but it was nice to try a new place, eat and drink something different, and it definitely made the game-watching atmosphere a lot more interesting! 

I had the Salchicha Thuringer (Thuringian sausage / Thüringer Rostbratwurst) with mashed potatoes and vegetables and an Apfelschorle (carbonated mineral water + apple juice, apparently very popular in Germany). (I bought a nutella-filled pastry from the bakery on the way out as well - yum!) 

 It was a fun place / atmosphere to watch the game.

The game ended in a tie (2-2). (Note: I suppose I was rooting for Germany that day, though obviously USA in the group. Sorry Germany - I'm rooting for Argentina tomorrow).

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